Rural Air Work Limited

Your Local Aerial Top Dressing Spreaders

Who We Are

100% family owned and operated from our Central Hawke's Bay base, we have built a reputation for providing a safe, professional and high-quality service. No job is too big or too small for us.

With our unique pink Cresco and Blue/Yellow  PAC XL both capable of a two tonne payload, we are able to accommodate any aerial spreading requirement in the most cost effective way.

We operate TracMap GPS satellite navigation, TracMap is a world leader in supplying precision guidance and online mapping systems. Fully compatible with My Ballance,  Ravensdown's HawkEye and working seamlessly with Google Earth allowing for more transparent proof of placement maps.

We have invested in variable rate spreading technology in our PAC XL aircraft. This technology helps to waste less product, optimise production and reduce your environmental impact. 

Customers have access to our innovative portable weather stations attached to all of our loading gear, providing actual weather conditions on site.

Our loading gear have fully calibrated scales for accurate weighing of product. 

We specialise in the use of a Transland made high volume spreader perfect for high analysis and prill products. By using a factory build spreader from the USA that is spreadmarked certified we are able to accommodate application rates up to 300kg/ha.

Safety is an important part of our business, we are a fully certified Civil Aviation Authority operator with a working SMS (Safety Managment System) doing our best to keep your team and ours safe while minimising the impact of our activities on the environment.

It is important we know about any hazards on your property, for more information you can read the CAA and Dept of Labour -  Industry Safety Guideline covering Farm Airstrips & Associated Fertiliser Cartage, Storage and Application