Rural Air Work Limited

Your Local Aerial Top Dressing Spreaders


We invested hugely in technology and are excited and proud to now offer Smart Gate a computer-controlled variable and consistent rate spreading software like the two main fertiliser companies do.

We use TracMap which is a New Zealand company based in Dunedin. Maps are either done by you, us or your fertiliser rep can send directly through their system, this means that the pilot has the exact area on the screen in the aircraft that is to be done with boundaries and sensitive areas excluded like waterways and buildings.

Smart Gate use’s your digital farm map along with the product and rate recommendations the map is wirelessly loaded to the aircraft’s computer. Smart Gate automatically adjusts the sowing rate to create a variable rate application.

Slope mapping – This is new way of mapping which some fertiliser companies endorse. A slope layer is used and fertiliser application is done by the slope gradient normally working with two or three rates: flat, easy and steep.